Your Personalised Home Security Alarm Like Never Before

The FIBARO home automation system comes with many impressive features that you might not necessary associate with home automation.

Convenience, comfort, control, luxury and lifestyle are often the main reasons why people invest in home automation.  A home alarm system isn’t necessarily something that crosses their mind when doing so.  However that perception is about to change.  FIBARO gives you an incredibly powerful platform for home security, thanks to the personal way in which it connects you to your home via your mobile devices.

FIBARO iPad application showing the hall way as being armed/alarmed. The screen list a list of home automation devices including the door and the motion sensor used for the alarm

Motion, door and window sensors form the basis of most alarm systems. These types of sensors are often found in home automation as the ability to automate lighting and heating in areas based on occupancy or entry is frequently a requirement.  In addition networked cameras are often installed for security and these can be easily integrated into the automation system.

FIBARO provides an excellent alarm capability built around utilising both new and existing sensors installed within the home.  The FIBARO Universal Sensor is an incredible little device that can be inserted inside any of the existing alarm PIR sensors already in the property.  These PIR sensors continue to function as normal as well as becoming a part of the FIBARO home automation system.

the amazing FIBARO Universal sensor for home automation. Its allow your existing alarm PIR sensors to become part of your home automation system.

With these sensors in place, you are now ready to monitor any room, floor or the entire house like never before via your phone and tablet.  A very handy additional feature of the FIBARO system is its ability to notify you of important events, such as your front door being opened, irrespective of whether the alarm feature has been activated.  This is displayed in the screenshot below.

Doors opened

FIBARO gives you complete control over how the alarm system communicates with you and how your home or building responds to the alarm.

Also, it’s not a problem if you forget to turn on the alarm when you leave home since the alarm can be enabled from anyway in the world via your mobile..

Here are a few of the activities FIBARO can perform when an alarm event occurs:

  • Ask your security cameras to take pictures of the moment the alarm was triggered and email these to you.
  • Send an instant notification of the alarm to your smartphone via push notification.
  • Instruct any of the automated devices at home to perform a set of actions.

In fact the response to an alarm can be any ‘scene’ or a set of operations that you wish your system to perform.  For example turning on all your lights on and opening all the blinds.  The possibilities are endless.

Hallway Alarm Notification

The screenshot on the right shows the FIBARO iPad app receiving notification of unexpected motion being detected in the hallway.  This event would be reported to your smartphone or tablet anywhere in the world.

The screenshot below show the FIBARO Alarm Panel. This is the user interface for setting up the exact behaviour and the response of your home to an alarm event.  The panel comes with a set of ready-made useful responses. The example below shows the alarm system performing two actions: 1) Taking a photo of the event and sending this photo to me via e-mail; 2) sending tailored push notifications of the event to my smartphone.  The panel clearly lists every event that was detected in the home and the ones that led to the alarm being triggered.


Other devices such as the FIBARO Flood Sensor, temperature and light level sensors can also be integrated into your home automation system and can extended the alarm or well-being capabilities of your home to protect you and your loved ones.