FIBARO home automation module and controller accompanied by mobile and tablet apps

The best wireless home automation system on the planet and you can talk to it

Secure   Convenient   Eco-Friendly   Intuitive

FIBARO iPhone home automation app with speech-to-text capability
intelligent lighting comes on automatically when need.  Clever home automation and security.

Wireless and Invisible

control, secure and monitor your entire home from anywhere in the world via your home automation and security system voice controlled

Tailored for your home and individual needs

FIBARO Smart Home System Distributor & Specialist

Invisible & extensible

Wireless and easy to retrofit. Eliminating the need for costly and disruptive wiring required by other systems.  Instead, tiny modules are installed behind your existing sockets, switches, lights and fitting. No wires means no limitations and no compromise.  The system can grow to suit your lifestyle and you don't need to wait for a home renovation to get one.

Complete yet simple

Your comfort, safety, security and convenience are all at the heart of the system. Energy efficient lighting, power, central heating, cameras, gates, garages, garden sprinklers, doors and windows can all be intelligently controlled. You retain manual control of all your devices and significantly reduce energy consumption and save money.

Intuitive & personal

Your home and you are unique. Our home automation solution can be customised to meet your needs and be in tune with the way you use your home. Your home is always with you. You can monitor and control it from anywhere in the world using your smartphone, tablet or laptop. You will love the easy to use interface and controls.


lady at the beach watching her home on her laptop via the Home Smart Home automation system

gear symbol signifying control over your home Security & control

The FIBARO system gives you complete and secure control over all aspects of your home from anywhere in the world. Now turning the power off to the iron that you might have left on when you left home or watching your home on camera for peace of mind when on holiday is just a tap or click away. Wouldn't it be nice if your home could contact you about things you care about? Well, now it can through the revolutionary alarm and security features that we offer.

money Eco-friendly

Lighting left on unnecessarily. The television is on when no one is watching. Devices left on standby all night long. Radiators heating rooms which are already warm. All these things waste energy, use up our planet's valuable resources and cost money. The great news is that all these become a thing of the past when you turn your home into an intelligent home.

eco-friendly home automation.
so easy to use home automation and security.

speech bubbles So easy to use. You can talk to it

There is probably no system more elegant, intuitive and easy to use than the FIBARO home automation interface installed by Home Smart Home. You can interact with your home, from anywhere, via a secure phone app or through a beautiful interface for your laptop or tablet. It really is child's play to engage with your intelligent home. In fact you might find that your home just knows what you want without you having to do anything. One more thing. You can talk to your home and tell it what to do.

connected components forming the best of breed home automation system. Modular & compatible

FIBARO's excellent system can be combined with the best of breed Z-wave and many other smart security, audio-visual, heating, sensing and remote control products available to create the ideal system for your home. We equip your home with a future-proof modular system which grows to suit your lifestyle and needs.

best products brought together to create a great home automation and security system.

state of the art State-of-the-art

The system provides many impressive features such as the ability to control any part of your house from anywhere in the world. Automatically turning devices, lighting and heating on and off depending on which part of the house is occupied. Keeping you informed, if you wish, about the status of your home and events such as the front door being opened. The home security and control system of the future is here.

FIBARO Authorised Installers - The Approach

Your needs

Listen and identify your smart home needs and what is important to you.                                 


Discuss and explore ideas, possibilities and options.
Create a smart home plan.          

And deliver

Expert electricians install your system while a specialist tailors it for your unique home.